Owston Grange provides a wide variety of services relating to Electronics and Electronic Equipment

Electronic Fault Finding and Repair

With several thousand successful equipment repairs completed in the last 2 decades, Owston Grange has the experience you need for reliable repairs.

NC Controllers, Comms Units, Communications PCBs, Control PCBs, Controllers, DC Motor Drives, Digitiser Pucks, Display Units, EDM Generators, Flowmeters, Handsets, High-Speed Drives, Interface PCBs, Ionisers, Level Sensors, Machine Monitors, Modules, Monitors, Motor Controllers, Motor Drives, Motor Drives / Frequency Converters, Power Supplies, Probe Head Controllers, Robot Power Supplies, Screens / HIDs, Servo Drives, Servo PCBs, Spin Welders, Spindle Drives, Stepper Motor Drives, Switch Mode Power Supplies Torque Controllers, Ultrasonic Cleaning Generators, Ultrasonic Welding Generators, Video Line Generators and many more...

The Electronics Lab' at Owston Grange is the heart of our repair operations.

This lab' has been built up over many years and is populated with a broad selection of high-end Electronic Test Equipment and related instruments and tools.

We use Test Equipment from ABB, Datron, Glassman, Hewlett Packard, Kikusui, Philips, Racal-Dana, Rhode & Schwarz, Shlumberger, Sorenson, Tektronix, Wavetek, Yokogawa and others - we also design and make our own test rigs, instruments and fixtures for specific jobs when commercially availible units don't quite fit the bill.

Computers are increasingly involved in our work these-days, especially as so many of today's machines involve communication and control systems run by built-in microcontrollers and dedicated PCs. To enable us to deal effectively with this aspect of our work we use mainly IBM, HP, Siemens and Fujitsu computers; a broad range of specialised communications adaptors and software tools interface these systems to the units under test when neccessary.

Contamination from oil, dust, dirt and condensation often causes significant difficulties when servicing electronic assemblies; we use a purpose-built ultrasonic cleaning system to remove these contaminants where appropriate and then dry the washed equipment in a special drying oven to remove all traces of moisture before continuing with the repair.

This list is not exclusive - it just represents some of the manufacturer's equipment we have repaired in the past:

Acomel, Adept, Agemaspark, April, Apsonic, AJM, ATB, Bandelin, Branson, Control Techniques, Crest, Dabbex, Daren Electronics, Delta, Desoutter, Deutronic, Digiplan, Durr, Eaton, Fanuc, Fluxar, FSP, GEC, Georges Renault, Hardinge, Herminghausen, Hurco, Indramat, Infranor, Inland, Kollmorgen, Lucas, Macey, Martin Walter, Meccasonic, NEC, Nordmann, Parker, Posalux, Plating Electronics, Renishaw, Rinco, Sarix, Seckler, Siemens, Staubli, Telsonic, UVA, Weber Ultrasonics

We stock a wide range of electronic components to facilitate prompt repairs, including;

ADCs, Amplifier ICs, Analogue ICs, Batteries, Bipolar Transistors, Capacitors, Chokes, Connectors, Crystal Oscillators, DACs, Digital ICs, Data Converters, Delay Lines, Diodes, Diacs, Display Drivers, Driver ICs, EEPROMS, EPROMS, FETs, Inductors, Interface ICs, LEDs, Logic ICs, JFETs, Opto-couplers, Memory ICs, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, MOSFETs, PLDs, PLCCs, PLL ICs, PSU Controllers, PWM ICs, Resistors, RAM ICs, Relays, ROM ICs, Surface-mount components, Switches, Timer ICs, Thyristors, Transformers, Triacs, VCOs, Zener Diodes

The list is almost endless - suffice to say we hold at least 250,000 parts in stock to support our repair work. Many of the parts we keep are rare and no longer made; obtaining these components in an emergency can otherwise be a protracted and very expensive excercise

Reverse Engineering

Very often, the equipment sent to us for investigation / repair does not have any documentation with it. Occasionally it is possible to find relevant information and sometimes even circuit diagrams on the internet, however in the vast majority of cases this luxury is not available to us.

This is where Reverse Engineering comes in.

In this context; Reverse Engineering can be understood as the process of taking an existing piece of electronic equipment and creating circuit diagrams and parts list from it (rather than the other way around - as the OEM originally did).

The re-creation of schematics from PCBs and wiring is a complicated process, but one that can be mastered for all but the most complex circuits. As with many techniques, practice helps a lot - and with over 98% of our completed repairs not having being supplied with any meaningful circuit information - we have had a lot of practice over the years!

Once the circuit information is created, it can be used to understand how the product was intended to function and therefore to help diagnose any faults existing in the circuitry. The process of working through a circuit, component-by-component, and considering why the designer chose each individual part can often lead quite directly to insights into likely failure modes.

Although there are an infinite number of theoretical arrangements of electronic components into useful circuits; common patterns and sub-circuits appear regularly and become quickly recognisable with experience – known failure modes of components also add to the knowledge-base used to rapidly discover points of failure in faulty equipment.

What our Clients say

"We are a large automotive company and we have used Owston Grange for over 10 years and can vouch for a very dedicated service that has proved to be cost effective, thorough and has kept our production running when we have most needed it. Without the very specific service that Owston Grange offers then we would have had some very tough times maintaining the uptime and efficiency of our machines."

- Purchasing Operations Manager, UK